Shanghai and @cityoflondon have enjoyed a long and historic relationship, one that will continue to blossom as China opens up further to foreign investment.

The City of London Lord Mayor being incredibly helpful providing many introductions for ipushpull to Chinese banks and technology firms. Already visited Shenzhen, Shanghai and heading to Beijing later! @citylordmayor

Many thanks to Chairman Gao and the team at Shanghai Pudong Development Bank for hosting me and my delegation today in Shanghai. #SPD is a good friend of @cityoflondon, and opened a branch in the Square Mile in 2018.

Astronomical spring begins on 20 March 2019 and ends on 21 June 2019. Happy First Day of Spring - in the words (not) of a certain very popular series: Winter Is Over #Spring #WinterIsOver #FreshBeginnings Doesn’t matter whether you are Muslim parents in Birmingham or Jewish parents in London; its about teaching respect for, and understanding of, difference. You don’t have to ascribe to a particular belief, creed or morality as a consequence #Enlightenment

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